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Our Background.

Ziribanda children ministries Uganda was started by Kaboyo Marvin and Bukenya Isa in 2015. What started out small has developed by the power of the Holy Spirit into a ministry encompassing a network of a Bible school, children's homes (orphanage), primary education, medical assistance, farming and much more.

In July 2011, The founders, went through the agony of losing their parents and many other people who had contracted HIV/AIDS in their community known as "Ziribanda sub county".While they were still young, they felt God’s calling of doing His work and serving Him through this orphanage ministry whereby they could help other children who are motherless and fatherless. While they continued to see many problems faced by the children in the community of Mityana, Uganda, who had been neglected or abandoned and had no one and nowhere to turn to for help. They decided to create a space in their home to share what they had with the orphaned and needy children there in their community. They couldn't bear to see children suffer after losing parents but would accommodate and live with them. This is where they stepped out in faith to minister to the needs of the orphans, vulnerable children and families in his community. They had nothing but a small house where they started with four orphans who had been abandoned by their guardians. God has used them to bring a smile and new opportunities to hundreds of children in their community. Since Ziribanda Children's Ministry started in 2015 to shelter and educate children, it has undergone huge transformation in all areas. It has increased the number of children it accommodates and made improvements in the school facilities as well as local initiatives designed to generate income and ensure a sustainable future for the ministry.


The goals of Ziribanda Children's Ministry were both immediate and long term. Immediately, Ziribanda began providing a home to children in need of a loving environment that could care for their individual needs. However, the laborious work would be in the long term. Changing the stigma of orphans in Uganda, resettling street children with their families for adoption or in orphanages, and promoting the idea of foster care to the communities are things that Ziribanda continues to work tirelessly to do. Throughout the years, it has become the top priority of Ziribanda Ministries to focus on equipping families who have children who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. Today, our Community Care Program provides education, medical assistance, therapy, and counseling to these families throughout our region. Ziribanda Children's Ministry has grown into a robust ministry serving over 52 children through our residential, community and education programs. Our core values will continue to guide our programs as we work towards accomplishing our mission in Jesus' name.

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